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ES1-Ro Cyan 440ml
Manufacturer : Red Giant, Inc.
Product : Roland CO-SOL MAX Compatible Cartridges
Model No. : ES1-Ro
Contents : 440ml
USD 72.00

Product Description of Model No. ES1-Ro

Roland ECO-SOL MAX Compatible Cartridges

Product Description
★ Quick drying time for improved production speed.
★ Virtually odorless, and contains no harmful VOCs.
★ Aggressively adhere to a wide variety of affordable uncoated and coated media.
★ Large brilliant color gamut and high optical density.
★ Improved scratch resistance for increased durability and easy handling.
★ Durability up to three(3) years outdoors.

General Information

★ Eco-Solvent Ink, as the name states, is the most environmentally friendly of the inks using solvent carrier systems.
★ A major benefit of Redgiant ink is the extended printhead life and limited need to regulate the surrounding airflow.
★ Eco-Solvent Inks can be used for everything from high-resolution indoor signs to outdoor durable billboards. Also, they can be used at high printing speeds, and have the ability to adhere to coated and uncoated substrates.


★ Redgiant ink is fully compatible with Roland ECO-SOL MAX ink. Just plug out OEM inks and plug in Redgiant ink! There is no need to change the color profile and flush the printer.
★ Redgiant ink also interact with Roland Printers 100% and will not cause clogging or misfiring.

Installation Instruction

★ When replacing the OEM inks, just pull it out and plug ours in.
★ Flushing is recommended when replacing non-OEM inks.


★ Redgiant Eco-Solvent Inks are available in the following ; 440ml cartridges and 1000ml PE bottles.
★ For more manufacturer's information, please visit www.redgiant.biz

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